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February 2014 Archives

Relocation issues regarding child custody

New Jersey residents may understand the idea that change is often complex. Yet, people understand that being part of a mobile society could mean moving to a different geographical area for job advancement or other life choices. If a custodial parent plans to move, this may be problematic for both parents and children. Often, parents may fail to reach an agreement, and it is left to the courts to decide if the custodial parent can relocate.

Domestic violence can affect anyone

A New Jersey study in 2011 showed that across the state, about three-fourths of domestic violence victims are women. While women in general suffer more often than men at the hands of an abuser, domestic violence doesn't discriminate with regards to race, age or even social class. An educated, upper-class woman can be trapped in the cycle of violence as often as her friend with little schooling and limited resources.

Comedian John Cleese opens up about spousal support woes

New Jersey residents who are paying spousal support may feel relief after reading the story of comedic actor John Cleese's alimony nightmare. While his legions of fans and his talent has enabled him to have a successful career, it is clear that multiple marriages have taken a financial toll.

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