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January 2014 Archives

States urged to amend child custody laws

Couples contemplating a divorce in New Jersey could perhaps be affected by the growing support throughout the country for dramatic changes to the manner in which custody disputes are resolved. Reform groups are lobbying state legislators to amend child custody laws to authorize judges to award joint custody where appropriate. Shared custody advocates argue that current laws favoring the awarding of child custody to one parent interfere with parenting time and are not in the best interests of the child.

Seasonal fluctuations in divorce filings

Many people in New Jersey and around the country have learned this month that friends or family members are contemplating a divorce. A legal website looked at patterns in divorce filings and search engine data from 2008 to 2011 and found that the number of filings seemed to spike during the early months of each year covered. There are several reasons why this could be taking place.

New Jersey governor vetoes domestic violence bill

The governor of New Jersey has vetoed a bill that would have given judges the power to mandate the use of electronic monitoring in certain domestic violence cases. The veto of the domestic violence legislation means that the bill will be on hold for no more than 120 days while the state's attorney general takes a closer look at the types of computer technology needed to implement the system. If the law were to be put in place, the courts would keep track of offenders electronically and notify victims if these individuals are within a certain distance from them.

Appeals court reverses judges refusal to grant divorce

New Jersey residents concerned with issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights may be interested to hear the outcome of a court case involving the marriage and divorce of a couple where one individual completed gender reassignment surgery. In Indiana, where the case took place, same-sex marriage is illegal, and marriages from other states where it is lawful are not recognized. This led to a judge stating that the state would not grant a divorce to a couple who was originally married as a man and a woman because both members were of the same gender after the surgery and that the union was no longer recognized.

Alleged kidnapping victims returned to their fathers

Two children were recently reunited with their biological fathers after 18 months of separation. Authorities allege the children were taken out of the country illegally by their mother, and she is accused of violating court orders. The fathers of the children had joint custody with their mother.

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