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December 2013 Archives

More men are seeking spousal support

More women are becoming the main breadwinners in their family, and more men are taking on the primary parenting responsibility, according to several family law attorneys. This has resulted in more husbands in New Jersey and other states asking for spousal support when they get a divorce.

Judge issues injunction on child support law

A New Jersey judge has temporarily stopped the state from enforcing a law so that a man who was behind on his court-ordered child support could get a professional license. Though the law prohibits the issuance of trade licenses to anyone who is 6 months behind in child support payments, the judge issued the injunction based on the circumstances of the case.

Lawmakers seek to establish alimony guidelines

Two bills on the floor of the New Jersey legislature would, if enacted, create guidelines for establishing the duration of alimony payments in the state's divorce actions. The first bill is modeled after a law passed in Massachusetts in 2011 and would establish a uniform formula for setting the duration of alimony payments. New Jersey currently has no such formula, and payers may end alimony obligations only by petitioning the court, and at the court's discretion. Under the terms of the bill, alimony payments would terminate by default when the payer retires, though judges would have the power to extend payments in certain cases.

Newly wed same-sex couples forge ahead as pioneers

Same-sex couples have recently been allowed to marry legally in New Jersey, which could create some unexpected issues for them. While their marriages are governed by the same state laws that apply to heterosexual couples, same-sex couples face a unique set of challenges, especially since not all states recognize their unions. In addition, many couples had been together for years before becoming legally married.

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