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November 2013 Archives

Seeking ways to receive child support

Following divorce, many parents are faced with delinquent child support and struggle with providing for their families. However, numerous New Jersey spouses are implementing all possible methods to secure the welfare of their children. One of them includes keeping the other spouse involved in the life of their offspring. Emotional and often bitter about the end of the union, many parents prevent the other from visiting children due to a lack of regular payments on their behalf. This method of punishment often results in resentment and permanent withdrawal of child support.

Judge did not tell mother to stop breastfeeding

The judge in a Pennsylvania custody case that was was widely reported on in New Jersey media outlets after the mother spoke to a local television station has offered his side of the story. The 10-month-old baby's mother told a reporter that she was ordered to stop breastfeeding her baby so the child could have overnight visits with her father. The judge told the television station that he is in favor of breastfeeding and that no such order exists.

Divorces involving pet custody

Many couples in New Jersey who are considering a divorce are able to reach an agreement on such matters as spousal support and who will stay in the marital home. However, deciding who will get custody of the family pets is often a very contentious issue.

Tips for avoiding invalid prenups

These days, more and more New Jersey residents are adding "make a prenuptial agreement" to the list of tasks that need to be done before their wedding. Previously, prenups were often considered both unromantic and the province of the extremely wealthy, but today people from all walks of life who have assets they wish to protect or pass on to family members are drawing them up. Rather than unromantic, they are now often seen as a sign that the marriage is being taken seriously and that openness and honesty will be important elements of it.

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