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September 2013 Archives

Dividing retirement accounts during a divorce

When New Jersey residents divorce, asset division is often one of their top concerns. In addition to dealing with who gets the house and how bank accounts are split up, retirement accounts will also have to be divided. It is essential that individuals handle dividing a retirement account correctly during their divorce, or they could end up being on the hook for early withdrawal fees, large taxes or giving up more of their account than they intended.

Upsides after the divorce process

New Jersey couples going through a divorce might be of the mindset that things are never going to get better. However, there are upsides in the aftermath of divorce. The ways in which men and women deal with divorces differ as well, according to a recent piece.

Some same-sex couples may not be able to divorce

The question of same-sex marriage has sparked heated debate in New Jersey during recent years, but a recent announcement by the Internal Revenue Service will be welcome news for supporters of the measure. The IRS announced that it will treat legally married same-sex couples as married for federal tax purposes even if they live in a state where such arrangements are not recognized. However, traveling to a state with more favorable laws to marry can raise family law challenges should the couple later decide to separate.

Man arrested in hospital owes $24,127 child support

Watchung police took two men into custody after they had found them sitting in a parked vehicle in the parking lot of a closed park. Both men had outstanding warrants, including one out of Somerset County in excess of $24,000 for missed child support payments. The second man was taken into custody because he had an outstanding municipal warrant in the amount of $500.

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