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June 2013 Archives

Surrendering custody of your child to the state

It may be tempting to surrender custody of a child with disabilities to local county services if you're a parent who's feeling overwhelmed by that child's care. New Jersey family law attorneys caution, however, that it may be difficult to get child custody back when you feel better able to deal with the situation.

How division of property is handled in divorces

New Jersey couples who are considering getting a divorce might be interested to hear that many people have misconceptions about how property is divided in a divorce. Some people may think that they are not entitled to certain assets simply because those assets are only in their spouses' names and not in their's. However, that is not necessarily case.

Domestic abuse victim is the founder of prevention group

New Jersey residents may have heard about the Ohio woman who suffered domestic abuse from her husband and is now the founder of the Purple Lotus domestic violence prevention group. The 31-year-old woman, who endured the abuse for five years, said that the idea for the group was a result of the realization that domestic abuse victims needed more assistance.

Prenups - a key to wedded bliss?

Statistics bear out that more people from New Jersey to California are opting for prenuptial agreements, despite former notions that the concept isn't romantic for those who are marrying. However, experts point out that in addition to asset protection, a prenup also offers debt protection in the event of a divorce.

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