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May 2013 Archives

Judge orders couple to separate or lose custody.

New Jersey parents may be interested to hear of a recent child custody ruling. The judge ruled that a lesbian couple could not continue to live together if one of them wanted to maintain custody of her children. The decision is because the partners were not married; and therefore could have ramifications for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

More women paying alimony in divorces

In divorce cases throughout the country, including in New Jersey, women have increasing been paying ex-husbands' or first wives' alimony. The trend comes at a time when many working women have begun to make more than their husbands. When they get divorced, they end up paying spousal support to their ex-husbands. Under judges' rulings, many women have to pay alimony on a regular basis, such as every month, to their exes. They often become upset about having to provide a portion of their earnings to their ex-husbands. During previous periods in history, men usually had to pay alimony after getting divorced because they were the primary household breadwinners.

Insurance may raise questions in divorce

When couples divorce in New Jersey and across the nation, there are always questions of property division and how best to treat both partners fairly. One of the most misunderstood areas of property division and the cause of some combative divorce issues is the disposition of life insurance. Technically, when a judge orders a couple to split all assets, life insurance proceeds or value becomes a part of the judgment, but the reality of splitting an intangible asset may lead to conflict.

Handing college savings after a divorce

New Jersey couples who split up often have a number of issues that have to be ironed out during the divorce process, including dividing finances and property as well as making choices about custody. Additionally, if a couple is focused on sending their children to college, they may want to hash out the details of college savings during the divorce process. This will ensure that both parties agree on how to proceed, and legal requirements are easier to enforce than verbal agreements.

Prenups can benefit most couples

New Jersey residents who are thinking about marriage may not realize that a prenuptial agreement could save them a lot of heartache and trouble in the future, no matter what their income level. In addition to the fact that few people want to think about a divorce when they are about to tie the knot, many assume that prenups are exclusively for the rich. However, prenups can help couples determine how future earnings and debts are split if they decide to dissolve their marriage. Even if individuals who are getting married have little in the way of assets or earnings, that does not mean they will never end up with a good job and large income. A prenup can determine how money will be split up should one or both individuals end up with a job or owning a business that provides large amounts of revenue. For someone who is just starting a business or a career, having a prenup can go a long way to protecting their assets from a divorce.

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