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February 2013 Archives

Court may tap wrongful imprisonment settlement for child support

Child support is a mandatory arrangement designed to give custodial parents enough income to provide a stable environment for their children. Without child support, many parents may struggle to pay for health care, housing and other essential everyday expenses. Any event that disrupts child support payments may cause New Jersey courts to issue a lien to collect the funds, especially if the custodial parent required public assistance in the intervening time.

New Jersey man charged with assault and domestic violence

Domestic violence may be triggered by a mental or personality disorder or by mounting professional, personal or financial pressures. When domestic violence rears its ugly head, its impact is usually not limited to the immediate victim. Those who get in the abuser's way may also be subject to violence.

Englewood mother and daughter slain, boyfriend charged

Spousal abuse may include physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Domestic violence can quickly spread to other family members when an argument gets out of control. Readers in Cape May County, New Jersey, may be interested in the tragic consequences that domestic violence can have on an entire family.

Civil rights group thinks legal gay marriage coming to New Jersey

Marriage has been traditionally defined as being a contract between a man and a woman, but same-sex couples fighting for the right to legally wed are now gaining ground. Family law challenges have led to the legalization of gay marriage in several U.S. states, and further legal challenges could soon mean more states allowing gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot.

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