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January 2013 Archives

Sesame Street helps young children cope with divorce

The divorce rate in the United States currently sits around 40 percent, and millions of households are affected each year when parents split up. Although the divorce rate has declined slightly in New Jersey from its peak in 1981 when 4.1 divorces took place for every 1,000 state residents, about three divorces still occur for every 1,000 residents. This leaves many parents wondering how to explain their situation to their children.

Cumberland provides cameras for domestic violence cases

Domestic violence is one of the most difficult crimes to deal with effectively. There are many reasons why victims may be unwilling to give evidence, including fear of the perpetrators and mistrust of law enforcement agencies. These cases also often involve measuring one party's word against the other. Physical evidence, including photographs, can be very valuable in a domestic violence case.

Shelters for domestic violence victims may lose federal funding

Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault frequently need a safe place to stay. The Violence Against Women Act provides federal funding to shelters that take in victims of domestic violence or abuse who may have no place else to go. For the first time since the act became law in 1994, Congress has failed to reauthorize funding, which could mean that some domestic violence victims will be denied assistance.

Children to be interviewed in Deion Sanders' divorce

As some New Jersey residents may be aware, former NFL player Deion Sanders and his wife have been trapped in a contentious divorce for some time. While the couple has disagreed on many things, currently at the heart of their divorce is child custody and support.

Wife hospitalized after domestic violence incident

Victims of domestic violence must understand how the law can help them fight back against their abusers. This is especially true of cases where the safety of children may be involved. These cases often involve criminal charges, but the family law aspects of domestic violence cases can be just as important. The victim of a recent spousal abuse case in Union City, for example, would be wise to understand her rights to help protect herself in the future.

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