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November 2012 Archives

Billions owed in back child support

When a couple divorces, or when two unmarried people share a child, a court of law can determine the amount of child support the non-custodial parent has to pay. If the non-custodial parent cannot or refuses to pay the child support, the parent with custody may be forced to seek financial assistance from the state to help make ends meet.

Kid Cudi ends child custody battle

Child custody battles can be lengthy when parents can't agree on the terms of a custody arrangement. The strain of a child custody case sometimes pushes parents to agree to arrangements that perhaps weren't what they originally planned, and sometimes it comes down to a decision from the court.

Wisconsin spa shooter had a history of domestic violence

Ocean City residents may be interested to hear about a recent and widely publicized case involving domestic violence in Wisconsin. Lawmakers in the state are asking for answers from local law enforcement after a man who opened fire on his wife's work place was found to have faced no accountability for previous domestic violence suspicions. New Jersey residents with family law issues, especially those dealing with domestic violence, should be aware of their legal rights.

Women protest Family Court outside Hunterdon Courthouse

Three women marched and carried protest signs in front of Hunterdon Courthouse on the morning of Oct. 26 for several hours. They focused their protest against the state's Family Court. Their biggest issue with the court is that it is putting people in jail who fail to pay alimony when they don't have the money.

Pennsville man arrested for past-due child support payments

Child support payments are not optional. They are a court-mandated requirement that must be paid by one parent to ensure the care of a child or number of children when they are in the custody of another parent. Failure to make required child support payments can result in state officials engaging in child support enforcement actions. Those who feel a parent is negligent in their child support obligations should seek to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

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