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October 2012 Archives

New laws could harm divorced women and their children

When spouses decide it's time to end their marriage, there are a number of issues to sort out. When it comes to property division, an inequality of means between the two parties can make things a little more difficult to figure out. A divorce and the legal rights of all parties involved should not be taken lightly, even if there is a prenup involved.

Unity against domestic abuse shown in Hunterdon courthouse vigil

When a close relationship of any type begins to sour, the possibility of domestic violence may be heightened. While some of us will be lucky enough to never have to face such difficult situations, people throughout New Jersey know the horrors of domestic violence all too well. Victims of domestic violence may find themselves feeling defenseless in the face of physical or emotional abuse by a partner or family member. Domestic violence can occur at any time, in any home in New Jersey, and its victims should feel that they are able to speak out about their suffering.

New Jersey same-sex couple sues group over use of engagement photo

Same-sex couples are often presented with unique legal challenges, particularly when it comes to custody issues and family law disputes. When a same-sex couple decides to part ways, often they must obtain legal assistance for issues such as property division, working out the custody of any children involved and the like because they are not afforded all the same rights as a divorcing heterosexual couple in New Jersey. However, the debate surrounding same-sex couples and family law playing out across the nation can lead to other legal disputes as well.

Remote testimony may be possible for domestic violence victim

Domestic violence is a topic that can make people uncomfortable. A victim is often left feeling drained of all their power and defenseless. Unfortunately, domestic violence can happen in any home across New Jersey. Therefore it is important to talk openly and honestly about this issue rather than to avert our eyes as a society to what makes us uncomfortable.

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