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August 2012 Archives

Gay father in Hackensack worried about losing custody of son

Child custody issues can prompt very emotional circumstances in addition to the obvious legal concerns, and these matters relate to both opposite- and same-sex couples. Due to rise in domestic partnerships, same-sex couples are increasingly dealing with child custody issues. For example, a New Jersey man is concerned that his partner's move out of state will jeopardize his parental rights to their adopted child.

Who gets to keep Fido?

It's no secret that divorce can be complicated. The disagreements, the hurt feelings and the misunderstandings that lead up to the divorce don't necessarily make the decision to part ways necessarily any easier. When the mere act of deciding to divorce is emotionally draining enough, many individuals in New Jersey feel unsure of where to turn when they have to begin hammering out the details of finalizing the divorce.

International child custody dispute: child to be returned to Turkey

You may have heard about an ongoing international dispute between the Clifton-area father of a 9-year-old girl and her mother, who lives in Turkey. The mother claims the girl's father brought her to the United States illegally when she was five years old, perhaps in an effort to take advantage of New Jersey's child custody laws, which he may have thought would be more sympathetic to his situation.

Settling child custody disputes

Residents of Cape May County who have worked through a child custody dispute are likely aware of the challenges couples may face as they try to settle a custody arrangement. Parents simply want what is best for their children. However, they may have differing opinions on just what that is.

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